Chandlers Ford Methodist Church


Small Groups


Asking questions about faith, growing in understanding of the Bible and applying current affairs to Christian living, is best achieved in Small Groups. Within Sunday or even weekday worship, with its inherent value of praise and prayer to God, it is not so easy to ask a personal question or voice a need for further explanation. Small Groups are a safe place for such exploration encouraging spiritual growth amongst the participants. Times of prayer within Small Groups offer an opportunity to really care for each other’s needs before God, without one’s business being broadcast on a wider stage.

The wide variety of groups hopefully offers something for everyone, but if you would like to focus on a particular theme, place or time, we can help you to advertise your hope, draw others together, and a new Small Group could be formed. It is our intention that each Small Group need not last forever, but may be flexible enough to see constant new growth.

I warmly encourage you to try a Small Group and share with others your Christian journey; after all, it was a small group of disciples who originally followed Jesus, and learnt how to love the Lord.


- Rev Peter Cornick